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Stack Modular Homes is a Canadian-based global manufacturer of steel modular structures. Stack Modular Homes specializes in accommodation and office solutions for the resource, hospitality, commercial and residential sectors. Company’s expertise covers all elements of modular construction: design & engineering, procurement, production management, quality assurance, shipping & logistics and installation.

Stack Modular Homes has extensive experience in providing the highest level of quality and finish whether your projects is a hotel, apartment complex, seniors living or workforce housing project.

Stack Modular is currently working on multiple applications for our modular units including: multifamily housing, seniors residences, low-income housing, disaster relief, education, hotels/motels and commercial, retail and office buildings. Utilizing our structural steel design and technical expertise, no project is out of reach.

Purpose Built Structural Steel

 • Delivers unmatched strength, durability and longevity
 • Eliminates rot, mould and mildew found in traditional wood structures
 • CWB Certified Structural Steel frames

Standard and Custom Design

 • In house engineering & design provides a wide variety of standard or custom floorplans
 • Industry leading production capacity
 • Build higher than wood frame competitors

Global Shipping

 • Ocean Freight Certified
 • Site logistic-friendly. Moveable by forklift, crane or Roll off truck
 • Global logistics to deliver world wide within 3-4 months

Quality, Comfort and Safety

 • Spray foam insulation comes standard
 • Fire resistance exceeds code requirements
 • Capable of handling climatic extremes. Higher efficiency and lower operating and maintenance costs

Structural Strength

Steel constructions do not warp, rot, split, creep or crack and will not contract or expand with moisture content. Construction materials from steel have the highest strength to weight ratio among traditional building materials, and it is by nature a superior building material.

A prefab home with steel frame will always have square corners and straight walls; therefore, people will be relieved to find no aggravating drywall cracks and nail pops. Steel frame prefab home can take most popular finishes like stucco, brick, siding or stone.

Fire Protection

House fire spreading rapidity is the most frightening aspect of it. This factor is multiplied many times because of the easy availability of flammable wood framing as fuel.

Incombustible steel constructions will not contribute fuel components to a fire. Starting fire in a steel-framed home, has less likely probability to spread from the area of its origin. Steel framing can limit tragic loss in fires that ignite or spread in framing.

Mold Resistance

Significant cause of reduced indoor air quality and, as a result, respiratory ailments, is mold. Steel framing in prefab homes can help resist the growth and onset of mold.

Usually mold requires a certain type of organic substrate such as plywood or wood to thrive and grow. Being inorganic material, steel framing can actually inhibit the growth of mold, and promotes a more comfortable and healthier living environment.

Termite Resistance

Each year damage to homes from termites is calculated in millions of dollars. Termites can wreak havoc, weakening the foundation of a prefab home and chewing through wood framing.

Steel framing prefab homes has resistance to termites. This ability preserves the required structural integrity of a steel-framed prefab home, and providing it with guaranteed years of durability and security against influence of destructive pests, including wood ants and termites.

Environmental Benefits

Usually an average sized prefab home with wood frame requires at least 40 trees to be cut for structure framing. The steel framing for a typical steel frame prefab home can be made from steel from 6 recycled cars. The use of recycled steel framing has a positive impact on the environment and saves the nation’s forests.

Steel-frame prefab homes are unaffected by humidity or temperature changes, the prefab building is more energy-efficient, and helps save on fuel costs and thus helps the environmental initiative to further securing and conserving world's natural resources.

Stack Modular Homes Highrise Capacity

Stack Modular Homes steel frame modular system has been engineered to stack up to 40 storeys in high seismic zones of western Canada and United States. Suites can be entirely finished in the plant thereby decreasing deficiencies onsite. Modules can be deployed at a rate that significantly reduces site disturbance and traffic congestion.

Stack's High Tech Offshore Production Facility & Vendor Network

The Stack Modular building production facility is located in the economic super-hub of Shanghai, China. The company employs a talented workforce of up to 500 staff and trades on site and has developed a vetted network of over 5000 vendors and suppliers that meet the highest designations of North American construction.

World's Most Economic Steel Construction Process

Utilizing high-grade structural steel and North American certified products, Stack Modular provides a unit that is more durable than the competition. There are many reasons why steel framing has risen as the front-runner as the best and most feasible alternative building materials modular housing. Stack Modular Homes building practices allow to provide clients with the highest quality product, with pricing and delivery unmatched by competitors.

Global Logistics Experts

Using Stack Modular Homes global network of freight forwarders and logistics partners, no location is out of reach. Stack Modular Homes ensures that your modular units are delivered on-schedule and within your budget, from manufacture port to your final location. Services include inland and maritime shipping, permitting, crane rentals, and warehousing. All modules have full insurance coverage from production to delivery and installation at your site.

Stack Modular Homes Photos

Stack Modular Homes in Canada

Stack Modular Homes in Vancouver

Address Suite 301, 7 West 7th Ave, Vancouver, B.C., V5Y 1L4, Canada
Phone 1-800-819-3190

Stack Modular Homes in Calgary

Address Suite 910, 720 13th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2R 1M5, Canada

Stack Modular Homes in Toronto

Address 5700 Explorer Dr #400, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 0C6, Canada

Stack Modular Homes in China and Hong Kong

Stack Modular Homes in Shanghai, China

Address 4th Floor, 81 Jiang Ning Road, 200041, Shanghai, China

Stack Modular Homes in Hong Kong

Address 16th Floor, Suite 1-3, Kinwick Center, Hong Kong