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Founded in 1946, Scotian Homes is a family run business and for over 50 years the company have been building trust with customers. Whether you're looking for affordable family home, dream custom home, upsizing or downsizing to a retirement home, skilled craftsmen team will ensure that your home is built on time, with high quality and on budget. Scotian Homes designs and engineers timber frame homes using only quality building materials, precision crafting to specifications. Scotian Homes prefab houses can be found in Lithuania, Iceland, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, The Netherlands and many other countries.

Scotian Homes is committed to building high quality and energy efficient homes.

Your reward: a home that is energy efficient, healthy, durable, high-quality crafting, beautiful interior finishing & environmentally friendly. A home designed for the harsh Canadian climate that adapts well to different environments around the world.

We build from your plans or from ours: we adapt to the design principle of your local styles and traditions.

Welcome to your SuperE home. We test it and verify the energy efficiency; this is advanced housing technology.

Scotian Homes (founded in 1946), exports high performance timber frame housing. We engineer and design our homes using high quality materials, precision crafting to your specifications. Our homes can be found in Germany, Iceland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania and many other countries.

We build R-2000 and SuperE Homes.

Pre-fabricated Panelized Homes

Canadian Quality Wood Frame Construction homes are manufactured here in Nova Scotia and can be delivered to your doorstep just about anywhere in the world. Scotian Homes can pre-manufacture your home ... either panelized or as a pre-cut material package. Building with Scotian Homes offers the maximum in comfort, affordability, quality, energy savings and environmental benefits. We offer a wide variety of standard designs but also manufacture custom designs.


Scotian Homes' sister company - Enfield Hardware Ltd. - is a key local dealer for Home Hardware, one of Canada's largest national hardware distributors. Scotian Homes has available a large inventory of building and finished materials. Scotian Homes International consolidates full container loads of one particular product or can supply overseas customers with mixed-load containers. Scotian Homes team has the expertise and logistics in place to load, handle and transport containers to any market place. Also Scotian Homes can arrange all the required paperwork to facilitate an efficient export procedure.

Scotian Homes basic home package can include all materials above the foundation. Materials such as carpets, kitchen cabinets, light fixtures, closet rods, towel bars and paper holders, bathtubs, vanity tops, laundry tubs, paint and much more. In addition to this, we can also supply all plumbing, electrical, light fixtures, (hardwood) flooring and carpets, cabinets, tops, ventilation system and ceramic tile.

Scotian Homes Services

Scotian Homes International offers a range of services that can be defined in 5 main areas:

  • Building With You is our service offering building materials for your projects. What type of building materials? See Scotian Homes specifications.
  • Building For You is Scotian Homes A to Z service where we realize the building of your Canadian pre-fabricated and engineered house package and build it to Scotian Homes International specifications.
  • Consolidation of building materials. You can order a mixed container load of rough and finish building materials that we will load on board and ship to your door. See Scotian Homes list of material options.
  • Project Management. Scotian Homes can do the project management for your residential or commercial developments.
  • Training Services. The training of your crews is one of Scotian Homes value added services.


Scotian Homes ensures a top quality product. Scotian Homes has established strict controls over our procedures and processes:

  • Detailed Quote - Scotian Homes provides the client with a detailed quote based upon their requirements whether they need a component, a combination of components, one of Scotian Homes standard designs, a modified design or a custom prefab home.
  • Computerized Design - All of Scotian Homes plans are computer designed and generated producing the technical drawings used to construct your home. Scotian Homes can work with your architect to ensure matching Canadian product design with your local requirements.
  • Materials - Scotian Homes only use the best available materials approved by the client before we start production.
  • Control - Quality is checked at all stages of production by Scotian Homes professional staff.
  • Transport - Panels and other construction materials are checked for quality, securely packaged, securely placed aboard the container, reinforced against movement and handled with great care so as to avoid damage while being transported to the job site and to ensure there are no missing items.
  • Panels - Scotian Homes prefab panels are designed to be installed by hand or can be lifted by cranes onto the jobsite.
  • International Transport - Transportation to our markets is provided by major international carriers located within a short distance from our plant. Scotian Homes International is perfecty located to our international year-round icefree port of Halifax servicing European, Mid and South American and other markets.
  • Durability and Energy Efficient - Scotian Homes wood frame construction technology has proven to be the best materials in a wide variety of environmental conditions. Our homes provide great protection against fire, extreme winds and water/dust/air infiltration. Scotian Homes stay confortably warm in our harsh winters (minus 25 degrees Celsius) and cool in our summers (+ 25 degrees Celsius).
  • Healthier indoor environments - Scotian Homes high quality materials and SuperE technology ensures a healthier indoor environment.
  • Quiet Enjoyment - Scotian Homes durable homes are built to Canadian standards of structural integrity.Our insulating materials ensure great protection against sound and thermal problems.


Contstruction Drawings: Standard or Customized (by customer)

Building Permits (by customer)
Construction Insurance
Foundation: Slab, Treated sole plates (by customer)
Anchor bolts (by customer)
Basement windows (as per plan)
Site clean-up
Pressure treated deck (as per plan & quotation)
Interior of foundation walls are insulated and drywall hung only
Sill gaskets
Jackposts (if applicable)
All beams & Headers
Manufactured truss joint floor system ('Silent Floor")
OSB floor sheathing
Borate treated exterior wall panels
Exterior wallpanels
Exterior house wrap
OSB roof sheathing
Ice & water shield on roof
All hardware
Vented vinyl soffit
Fascia with aluminum cover
Steel insulated exterior doors pre-painted white
Vinyl windows
Raised heel web truss system
Spruce strapping
Attic vents
Vapour barrier
Acoustic sealant
Batt Insulation for exterior walls
Attic Insulation
Drywall & Drywall supplies
Garage insulated, drywalled, Trim
Solid Core Interior doors
Flooring as per allowance (hardwood & ceramic only & skirting)
Hardwood stairs
Phytosanitary & Heat treated certificates
Container FOB Enfield, Halifax, Canada
Super E blower test & certification


Siding (i.e. Vinyl, Wood, Brick)
Heat Pump
Different roofing systems
Kitchen cabinets
Plumbing fixtures

Address 264 Highway #2, Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada B2T1C9
Phone 902-883-2266


Scotian Homes receivership leaves contractors unpaid