Conquest Homes (Altona)

Conquest Homes (Altona) has experience in designing, developing and building high quality prefab modular homes for over 60 years. Experienced and dedicated team of professionals who work full-time, Conquest Homes (Altona) is fully capable of designing and delivering premium quality prefab modular homes, with accurate date of delivery and at a guaranteed price.

Originally as Challenger Home Builders Ltd and established in 1956 by a hard-working innovator, the late George Sawatsky, who set an exceptional quality modular home building standard. Conquest Homes has been succesfully family owned since that time (family members of second, third, and fourth generation are still actively involved), and in 1977 the company became Conquest Manufacturing Ltd.

Conquest Homes (Altona) ongoing success has been the expected result of a deep commitment to uncompromising quality, integrity, and to treating company's valued employees, suppliers, and customers the way Conquest Homes ourselves would wish to be treated. Conquest Homes is dedicated that relationships are always what matter in the business the most. Conquest Homes have earned a solid and reliable reputation and aknowledgment as one of the best and most reliable established modular design and prefab build company in Canada.

Conquest Homes provides a climate controlled, efficient, and ultra-modern work environment (their well-lit and spacious 40,000 sq ft prefab homes factory is geothermally cooled and heated) equipped with contemporary, state-of-the-art and innovative tooling. Conquest Homes' dedicated long-term professional staff have an exceptional, remarkable and one of the best in the industry safety record. The company is a part of a proudly growing professional labour force that know and enjoy the lifestyle's quality that can offer beautiful Southern Manitoba.

As a sizable Manitoba employer, Conquest Homes is intrinsically and in fact woven into the dense community fabric of Canadian province of Altona, a succesfully growing community located six miles north of the Canadian - U.S. border and an hour in the south-west direction of Winnipeg. Conquest Homes takes their social responsibility very seriously, striving with best efforts to provide stable and secure employment and perks, and contribute to community activities and local charities.

For the past years Conquest Homes has been working with leading modular architecture designers on the development of their new Challenger Homes line of eco-smart, sensibly-sized, efficient homes.

Address 3077 Road 6 NW (PO Box 2009), Altona, MB R0G 0B0, Canada
Phone +18663000222