Prairie Lights Country Homes

Prairie Lights Country Homes offers beautiful and quality prefab homes in Manitoba with various models and designs to choose from. Prairie Lights Country Homes have floor plans to suit all possible needs and a multitude of interior and exterior design options for homeowners to choose from.

Prairie Lights Country Homes are customizable to precisely meet the needs of a homeowner and here/his family.

Prairie Lights Country Homes exclusive partner and prefab homes manufacturer, Shelter Homes. Shelter Homes are leaders in the prefab construction industry that brings in their prefab homes over 40 years of unique experience.

Prairie Lights Country Homes are not subject to the climate or weather elements such as freezing temperatures, snow or rain during the prefab construction process inside the facility. Every prefab home is constructed with strict and solid on-site building quality control. Each factory-built prefab home is designed, assembled and built under the proximate direction of quality auditors, supervisors, production engineers and Intertek Quality Control Inspection. Engineering systems in all prefab homes are necessarily dielectrically tested. Plumbing systems are pressurized and after hydro tested at pressure of 100 psi for at least 120 minutes to confirm proper functionality and durability prior to leaving the prefab factory.

Environmentally Conscious

Prefabricated homes typically create a lower environmental footprint and much less construction waste. Inside a factory, building materials leftover from construction of one prefab home can often be used in construction of another. Prefab technology allows for more energy-efficient and tighter structure.

Cost Savings

Prefab design and construction can offer many opportunities for economizing and significantly increasing efficiencies. Cost savings and optimisations are then passed onto the homeowner. When purchasing a prefab home from a factory-built homes manufacturer, everything buyer need is included in the home price up front. For homeowners therefore there are never any additional costly surprises in the future.

Time Saving

Usually and depending on many factors, site built homes take 4-6 months of construction from ground breaking. Prefab custom homes can be absolutely completed by a prefab custom home builder in 1 or 2 months. Consequently, prefab home arrives on site for installation as a completed home.

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