Evergreen Homes

Northern Built

Evergreen Homes builds for the Canadian north in the Canadian north. Evergreen Homes are designed and constructed for northern climates in Canada using technology and techniques carefully researched and practically proven in the Canadian north. Evergreen Homes team also lives in the north and has a vested interest in developing and making healthy and strong communities. Evergreen Homes is here for the long term and is striving to build a solid reputation based on their hard work, creating great relationships with their partners and clients and by designing and building homes that enhances the quality of life in Yukon communities.

Quality by Design

Evergreen Homes prides itself on designing and producing exceptionally attractive and high quality designs. Evergreen Homes has an excellent team of builders and designers that focus on the big picture details and components of aesthetics and important functions at the room, house and neighbourhood scale while in the design process Evergreen Homes pays careful attention to every intricate detail that makes a good home great! Evergreen Homes prides themselves on excellent craftsmanship work using only the best building materials and engineering systems.

Sustainably Driven

Evergreen Homes is striving to be always at the forefront of sustainable home development in the Canadian north. Evergreen Homes believes that building prefab homes sustainably by reducing their prefab homes energy consumption and all possible impacts that the homes have on resources and land, is the only possible model that makes any sense in the modern world, especially in the North. Evergreen Homes is constantly researching new building technology and products to help them deliver more efficient and better prefab home that will save their homeowners money and make Canadian communities better places to work and to live in. Evergreen Homes is here for the long term and so are their prefab homes.

Sales Centre

Address Unit 1-85 Aksala Dr., Whistle Bend, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Phone +1(867) 335-7029

Construction Office

Address PO Box 91044, Mile 91044 Alaska Hwy. Whitehorse Yukon, Y1A 5S8, Canada
Phone +1(867) 667-7462
Fax +1(867) 667-7463