Karoleena Homes

Now Karoleena Homes is a part of Horizon North’s Modular Solutions division.

Since 2005, Karoleena has been designing, assembling and constructing modular homes, systems-built homes and cabins of the highest quality. The company employs an extensive team of high qualified individuals, from a skilled in-house design and architecture team to a carefully honed engineers crew, estimators, construction supervisors and project managers, as well as an army of sales professionals across North America.

Whether constructing single-family prefab buildings to a LEED Platinum standard or multi-family large-scale housing projects of refreshing affordability, and whether undertaking a design from start to finish in the manufacturing in-house climate-controlled factory or collaborating with independent award-winning designers and architects from around the globe, the Karoleena modular homes, prefab cabins and offices exceed as many standards and building codes as they do customer expectations.

Karoleena is a premium prefab home manufacture company specializing in designer quality prefab homes. Their modern modular homes are built in beautiful British Columbia, Canada and delivered almost anywhere.

Karoleena homes are built in separate sections in a controlled factory environment, where constructions are protected from weather, rain and snow at every stage of the building process. The modular sections and separate parts move through the factory with high quality control measures in every stage in place throughout the entire construction process. Once completed at the manufacturing facility, the finished modular sections are prepared and protected for delivering and then shipped to your building site. On site, the sections are craned onto the preliminarily completed foundation and reliably secured in place before finishing touches and final details are completed by team of professionals.

Karoleena’s prefab homes are constructed and designed to the same building standard required by usual site-built homes, and in many ways, these modular homes actually exceed most present building codes.

The modular construction process in controlled environment eliminates the many months of supplies, materials and tradespeople traveling to and from a building site, and Karoleena builds using the best technologies, finishes and greenest materials possible.


Karoleena proudly stands behind a constant commitment to innovate and evolve upon our proven modular construction process, while meeting an unmatched level of service, quality and professionalism in each and every home building project we undertake. Architecturally designed, engineered and built from the ground up in the company’s state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility, all of Karoleena’s homes are built completely free from exposure to the harsh Canadian elements and as energy-efficient and eco-friendly as possible.

Innovative, transportable, expandable and affordable, Karoleena’s eco-friendly structures are fully modular, movable and future-ready from the inside out. With Karoleena’s turn-key building solutions, no shipping in of additional building supplies and trades people is necessary once a project lands on site, nor are Karoleena’s clients faced with lengthy multi-year build times, ongoing maintenance and repairs, or the need to question the quality of workmanship.


The eco-friendly Karoleena Cabin is fully modular, modern and eco-minded from the inside out, set to transform new home dreams, recreational getaways and secondary suites into an attainable, lifelong reality, redefining the modern dwelling as we know it. Karoleena Cabins are a highly complimentary product to our existing line of single and multi-family homes, made with the most sophisticated and sustainable products, and created by Karoleena’s top-notch team of designers, architects and engineers.


Touted as the future of home building, prefab, modular or ‘systems-built’ construction is the greenest way to build. Not only is there virtually zero waste and material loss incurred throughout the construction process, but structures boast a superior building envelope and significantly higher insulation values than their site-built counterparts, while a host of environmentally-friendly products and finishes are used. Karoleena’s standard features like steel framing and metal roofing are lifetime construction materials, immune to ongoing replacement, repairs and material waste. And because construction takes place in one singular, climate controlled environment, build times are drastically reduced from the traditional 12-18 month timeframe. How fast is fast? Four months from start of construction to completion. Additionally, the building of a Karoleena Cabin is far less invasive to the surrounding area compared to that of a conventionally built home, with minimal disturbance and impact occurring during construction and assembly.


All Karoleena Cabins are delivered to your land 95% complete and but a week of button-up work away from occupancy. Better yet, whether its destination is a remote wilderness or a lot within the city limits, your cabin’s price is firm from the outset, eliminating unforeseen construction costs and the need to truck in additional building materials and trades people once it arrives to your site.


Ranging in size from a quaint one-bedroom getaway to a sprawling 1900 sq. ft. oasis, numerous high-end and energy-saving features come standard in all Karoleena Cabins. For all the details on what we like to call ‘The Karoleena Standard,’ please contact us, as this webpage is being updated.


Pre-built Karoleena Cabins are assembled using one or more of our custom-built modules, all of which are designed to accommodate highway, barge and helicopter transport, and delivery anywhere a road exists in North America. Essentially, you supply the land, we supply the fully-finished Karoleena Cabin. All cabin models can be fixed to a conventional foundation, concrete piles, pad or frost wall. We’re happy to handle all your site work if you prefer, including your site prep, foundation and utility servicing, or you are welcome to tackle that portion yourself. On-site assembly, connections and button-up work are included in the cost of your Karoleena Cabin, while site work, shipping, craning (if necessary) and tax are not.


The Karoleena Cabin’s unique steel frame facilitates unlimited mobility, allowing it to adapt along with its owner’s family size and budget, and be relocated while leaving nothing behind – perfect for a leased land site or the evolving landowner. All turnkey cabin models come complete with a full range of warranties and product guarantees, as well as the unwavering commitment to quality that Karoleena customers have come to expect and appreciate.


Designed, engineered and constructed in our in-house manufacturing facility in Calgary, AB, Karoleena’s range of Office products are built from the ground up using either a custom engineered and fabricated steel frame, or by utilizing one or more converted steel frame shipping containers.

We are proud to work with a range of clients to design, manufacture and assemble any type of commercial building or series of buildings that suits the needs, timeframe and budget of the individual or organization.

While most Karoleena Office projects will be completely unique from one another, there are certain applications where our proprietary modular building process provides the ideal Office solution. Such examples include, but are not limited to:

1. A new urban office complex for a company seeking a multi-story building with top-notch construction quality, durability, energy efficiency, eco-friendly features and finishes, and future transportability if needed
2. Oil and gas field out-buildings, man camps, executive suites and modular corporate offices
3. Modern, movable rental units for developers, home builders or any organization requiring temporary corporate shelters, offices and meeting or sales space
4. Any type of meeting facility, function space or office building for a new or growing group or organization. Please see The Equan First Nation project currently in development.

As with our line of Homes and Cabins, if you or your organization can provide the land, we can design and build a beautiful, functional office solution tailored to suit your exact needs and pre-determined budget in a fraction of the time required to build on-site. Please contact us for further info.

Engineering and Design

Karoleena prepares architectural drawings for a new prefab home to the local municipality. Approval process can take between one week and one month.


Once a new design is finalized, Karoleena will submit the architectural plans for permit. Depending on the jurisdiction, the permitting process can take between one and eight months.

Build Process 

After permit approving, build process can commence. With Karoleena buid system, the site work and foundation will commence concurrently with the process of manufacturing the prefab structure. This stage can take six months of the process depending on the features and size of the selected prefab home.


Once manufacturing process is complete and the site is ready for installing, new prefab modular home will be delivered to site for installing a complete structure via crane. It is only need one day for the installation process.

Completion and Finishing 

After install of all modules, Karoleena completes the work to tie in module to module connections, electrical and mechanical systems. This process usually takes anywhere between seven days and a few weeks depending on the size of the modular home.

Modular homes, prefab cabins and offices


“Constructed off-site in a matter of weeks and craned together onsite in less than one day, our homes feature state-of-the-art energy-efficient technologies and the most forward-thinking materials and finishes on the planet. Be it a single or multi-family building project, Karoleena is committed to completing it on time and on budget.”

- Kris Goodjohn, Founding Partner and COO


A few facts and standard features that put our coveted systems-built homes in a class of their own:

1. Completely modular, eco-friendly construction from top to bottom 2. Modules are built in a climate-controlled factory environment in a matter of weeks, free from exposure to the elements and subsequent damage to building materials, and craned together on site in a matter of hours
3. Components are precision constructed from innovative, eco-friendly products, with virtually zero waste accumulated thanks to our groundbreaking building process
4. Karoleena Homes and Cabins come loaded with upgrades, green features, high-end finishings and innovative building technologies, including:
- oversized metal clad wood windows throughout
- second floor skylights
- open tread staircases
- stucco, Hardie board or Hardie panel siding and the ability to mix and match them all
- dual pane low-E Argon-filled windows
- high-efficiency furnace and hot water systems
- low voltage pot lights and pendant lighting
- Energy Star appliances

“Thanks to our proven process, leading manufacturing facility and expert team of designers, engineers, advisors and tradespeople, Karoleena Homes has the ability to immediately and consistently construct and deliver our innovative line of homes, cabins and offices to meet small and large-scale demand, at a level of quality and attainability not seen from any other company in the world.”

- Kurt Goodjohn, Founding Partner & CEO


Optional upgrades to make your new home as energy-efficient and forward-thinking as ever:

- SIP walls
- ICF Foundation
- modular and movable interior wall systems from DIRTT Environmental Solutions
- triple pane windows
- landscaping, porch and fencing completion
- tankless hot water system
- wireless home automation
- high velocity furnace
- geothermal heating and cooling
- solar paneling… and much more

Phase I: Dirt

Timeframe: 2-4 weeks

1. PROJECT OVERVIEW: Discuss your proposed project scope, building site, timeline, budget and financing schedule with your Karoleena Sales Representative [Contact us to find a qualified Sales Rep near you]

2. SECURE LAND & FINANCING: Obtain financing from an approved lender for both your land and home if required, and complete the purchase of your land or lot

Phase 2: Design

Timeframe: 8-30 weeks, permit process-dependent

3. PICK A PLAN: Choose from Karoleena’s array of architecturally designed Home and Cabin models and receive a preliminary price based on your particular site needs, or speak to your Sales Rep about taking our Custom design route instead

4. STYLE YOUR HOME: Submit a $2,500 Consultation Fee [or a $25,000 Custom Design Fee] so that the first of your home personalization meetings with Karoleena’s Design Department can begin, your home price can be finalized and purchase agreement signed [See our selection of Interior, Exterior, Lighting, Plumbing and Appliances finishing specs]

5. ENGINEERING & PERMITS: Await completion of your home’s engineering and construction drawings, followed by development and building permits

Phase 3: Dwell

Timeframe: 6-20 weeks, site work-dependent

6. CONSTRUCTION & SITE WORK: Sit back and watch your project come to life in Karoleena’s state-of-the-art indoor manufacturing facility, with site work taking place simultaneously

7. HOME DELIVERY: The one or more modules of your new Home or Cabin will be transported via truck to your building site and craned into place over the span of a few hours, with button-up work to follow

8. OCCUPANCY & CUSTOMER CARE: Receive the keys to your brand new Karoleena Home or Cabin



UPGRADE PACKAGE | A unique, modern feel, with white upper cabinets and wrought iron grey lower cabinets, guadjavira wood floors, blizzard white quartz countertops, textured white fireplace, clean white tiles with faceted black tile accents


UPGRADE PACKAGE | An earthy, organic vibe, with white cabinets, acacia wood floors, pewter warm grey quartz countertops, unique glazed porcelain backsplash, modern strip pebble fireplace

West Coast

UPGRADE PACKAGE | A beachy west coast feel, featuring rift white oak echowood cabinets, african sapele floors, warm grey limestone tile, blizzard white quartz countertops and backsplash, patterned white stone fireplace


UPGRADE PACKAGE | A sleek, clean urban vibe, with white cabinets, natural walnut floors, marble tile backsplash, fireplace and accents, blizzard white quartz countertops with pebble quartz island, clean whites and greys


UPGRADE PACKAGE | A natural, modern-rustic look, featuring ebony echowood cabinets, natural oak floors, swan cotton quartz countertops, chocolate limestone tile, natural stone fireplace


UPGRADE PACKAGE | A clean, industrial vibe, featuring teak echowood cabinets, dark punalu’u maple floors, cool grey tiles, concrete coloured quartz countertops and backsplash with pure white quartz island


STANDARD PACKAGE | A unique, modern feel, with iron mountain grey cabinets, zebrano wood floors, aurora snow white quartz countertops with warm grey quartz island, linear white tile backsplash, unique textured grey fireplace, striated white tiles with glazed porcelain hex accent


STANDARD PACKAGE | An earthy, organic vibe, with charcoal maple cabinets, stone wash white oak floors, clean white quartz countertops, striated backsplash and tile, unique limestone fireplace, warm grey-brown and clean white tones

West Coast

STANDARD PACKAGE | A beachy west coast feel, featuring quarter-sawn cherry cabinets, natural maple floors, aurora snow white quartz countertops, white natural stone fireplace, clean whites and greys


STANDARD PACKAGE | A sleek, clean urban vibe, with white cabinets, natural walnut flooring, aurora snow white quartz countertops with tiffany grey quartz island, super white glass backsplash and accents, sleek grey tiles


STANDARD PACKAGE | A natural, modern-rustic look, featuring quarter-sawn maple cabinets, stone wash white oak floors, tofino quartz countertops, matte porcelain backsplash, linear natural stone fireplace, warm tiles and accents


STANDARD PACKAGE | A clean, industrial vibe, featuring graphite maple cabinets, brushed oak flooring, white quartz countertops, cool grey tile, black glass backsplash and accents

Addresses, phones

British Columbia

Address 1716 Wallis Road, Okanagan Falls, B.C., V0H 1R0
Phone 877 336 8580

Old Address in Calgary, Alberta

Address 7261 110 Ave. S.E., Calgary, AB T2C 3B8
Phone 1 (877) 336-8580


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