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Bonneville Homes is a 4th-generation family business and one of Canada's leading manufacturers of pre-built homes. Only the finest building materials go into every Bonneville home, such as premium-quality windows, cellulose fibre insulation, kiln-dried lumber and more. All homes are built indoors in a controlled environment area, using solid tongue-and-groove flooring that is screwed and glued into place, carefully insulated ceilings and walls. Each stage of construction is inspected and overseen by one of expert supervisors.

High quality-control on work execution and building materials

Quality-control in construction process begins with a meticulous material selection. In fact, the design concept requires assembly and materials of superior quality, such as:

  • Open joist floor truss system instead of conventional floor joist. 
  • Cellulose fibre installation instead of fibreglass wool.
  • All kiln-dried lumber for the entire structure. 
  • High performance windows. 
  • Interior partitions in kiln-dried lumber and/or light gage steel studs.
  • Every stage of the production on the assembly line is precisely adapted to the required execution detail.

The Bonneville team has spent years analyzing how houses age over time and react to Canada severe weather conditions. Bonneville determination to constantly come up with innovative new techniques means the quality standards are more stringent than construction industry requirements.

Armed with this knowledge, Bonneville builders have revolutionized the concepts of quality and performance with their industry-leading Bonneville R-3000 building system. Today's consumer is looking for quality, comfort, durability, minimal upkeep costs and design excellence. And, at Bonneville, that's precisely what they deliver. For these and many other reasons, Bonneville builders are convinced that the factory-built home is the home of the future.


In 1961, Paul-Émile Bonneville left the asbestos industry in Thetford Mines to start a mobile home sales and service business with his six children. With the help of his team, he quickly became the largest seller of Bendix homes in Canada. “My father wanted homeownership not to be reserved exclusively for the wealthier classes. He wanted everyone to be able to afford a home. »André Bonneville will say.

Being dissatisfied with the quality of existing houses on the market and with the constraints imposed by unacceptable delivery times, Paul-Émile will say to his children: “We are now going to build our houses! ". In 1977, he bought a factory in Beloeil, on the South Shore of Montreal.

In the '80s and' 90s, sales offices and factories were opened across Quebec and competing companies were even bought. Bonneville Industries then took off considerably.

Manufacturing and design techniques have evolved significantly over the years. In 1995, the company took a turn and innovated by creating the CONSTRUCTION R-3000 BONNEVILLE process. Thanks to these technological advances, Bonneville Industries is positioning itself as the undisputed leader of the manufactured home.

Pre-built homes


Area700 square foot
Price$150,000 - $225,000

In perfect harmony with nature, this contemporary style prefab house will please fans of simplicity and efficiency. On the outside, the freestanding structure provides a distinctive lightness at home while creating a covered deck that can be surrounded by motorized or manual sunscreens.

The beautiful prefab house offers its occupants two comfortable rooms set back from the common living space, a bathroom and a large covered outdoor area, designed to serve as a terrace. Thus, one can enjoy outdoors three seasons a year. This multifunctional living area can serve as a dining area, living room or lounge area. A feeling of lightness pervades everyone entering the home with the ceiling of the main room at 9 feet 6 inches high and a natural light that overlooks the interior due to huge windows and headbands of bright.

Axelle House

Axelle House

Axelle House

Area1410 square foot
Price$300,000 - $375,000

The sea, the east coast, lighthouses, family reunions at the prefab cottage ... all this makes us want to stretch the morning coffee on the outdoor terrace. The Axelle family home has exactly been designed to satisfy this need of escape that lives in all of us, what to feel on vacation all year long!

Always on the lookout for new trends and the needs of their consumers, Bonneville Homes has also been inspired by three great styles to combine into one home, offering a more traditional look, but still retaining contemporary features. to offer a timeless prefab home. Upon entry, visitors will be charmed by the set of exposed beams crossing the ceiling. Outside, the beautiful oversized skylights, on the back, add a touch of design to the house. Then, thanks to its huge 350-square-foot outdoor terrace, Axelle associates itself with the "beach house" style, characterized by the use of the surrounding space, so that the occupants can live as much inside as they do at home. outside the house. Finally, it is the "Cape Coad" style that inspired the choice of exterior colors and materials, where the pale wood accents and the purity of the white will not only last over time, but will undoubtedly remind you of the tranquility of a sea ​​side.

Designed on a single floor, Axelle House by Bonneville Homes offers an interior living space of over 1400 square feet (32'x44 '). In addition to the spacious living area, this house has two bedrooms, a full bathroom with two vanities and plenty of storage for the whole family.


This beautiful prefab cottage by Bonneville Homes with contemporary design is very versatile. The Archipelago is suitable for the city as well as prestige areas. Note that it is possible to remove the garage while maintaining the charm of this house.


Area1680 square foot
Price$250,000 - $325,000

The Ancestral is a pretty two-story prefab house that offers all the charm of a country house, but all the advantages of a new construction!


Area1230 square foot
Price$250,000 - $325,000

The new Alti prefab modular home by Bonneville Homes, received an upgrade of Micro-Lofts Series by adding a 352-square-foot upstairs module, including a second bedroom and a small boudoir. All in light, nestled like a cache across the suspended walkway, this boudoir offers a multifunctional bonus room. Thanks to this new type of layout, we give more amplitude to the living space which becomes more spacious. The volumes are superimposed connected by an open staircase and openwork walkway to appreciate the nature and natural light at both the ground floor and the floor.


Area2730 square foot

Aeroloft. Get high!

Urban prefab modular house by Bonneville Homes with an industrial character, Aeroloft will offer you an airy living space in which the volume of space will increase your quality of life tenfold.

Common areas, raised on the first floor, gain in volume

  • The living areas are on the floor rather than on the ground floor; the life of the house is thus activated from the outside, overhanging them.
  • Full fenestration in the kitchen, living room and dining room that lets light in.
  • The volume of the space is multiplied thanks to a free height of 11 feet; Sensation of ventilation and lightness.

The Belvedere, two-sided space with a bird's eye view of the environment

  • Reversible space thanks to the automatic opening or closing of two glazed garage doors.
  • Inner position: The Belvedere creates an inviting lounge area with its plunging view and huge windows, nature observation and relaxation.
  • Outside position: the Belvedere becomes a huge terrace that blends into the surrounding nature, thanks to the complete disappearance of one of the garage doors in the floor.

Other assets:

  • Processes of industrial construction in the service of rational design and high free height.
  • Timeless and refined character thanks to the presence of raw materials such as steel or concrete.
  • 3 bedrooms, one on the ground floor transforms into an outdoor kitchen or training room.


Area1360 square foot
Price$200,000 - $275,000


All the functionality of a walk-in and the sought-after contemporary look is possible with the current model. This prefab house with a four-sided roof will surprise you with its ingenious design as well as its favorable price!

Chic Shack

Area800 square foot
Price$200,000 - $275,000

Pretty little contemporary prefab house by Bonneville Homes

Size 16x50 feet.

Chic Shack

Chic Shack

Chic Shack


Area1278 square foot
Price$325,000 - $450,000

Natur-V floor plan


Area1792 square foot
Price$400,000 - $575,000

Natur-T floor plan


Area2661 square foot
Price$550,000 - $750,000

Angeline floor plan


Area2048 square foot
Price$550,000 - $750,000

Alexis floor plan


Area2079 square foot
Price$475,000 - $650,000

Gabrielle floor plan


Area928 square foot
Price$175,000 - $300,000

Halo floor plan


Area522 square foot
Price$175,000 - $300,000

Zen floor plan

La Panoramique

Area2500 square foot
PriceCustomized price

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