Groupe Pro-Fab

Groupe Pro-Fab is a leader in the construction of modular homes. Founded in 1989, the company operates two factories where prefabricated homes are assembled indoors, protected from the weather. This assures Pro-Fab to meet the most rigorous and highest standards of quality in the industry as well as guaranteeing no production delays and reducing and controlling costs.

Accredited Novoclimat, Pro-Fab's houses meet superior construction standards with cost savings and increased comfort. The company offers Nascor insulation system, reducing air-conditioning and heating costs by nearly 25%. Pro-Fab also offers a free decorator/designer service for all its clients, allowing to personalize interior of modular home.

Modular homes

Addresses, phones

Head office, Saint-Apollinaire, Québec

Address 294, rue Laurier, Saint-Apollinaire (Québec) G0S 2E0
Phone 418-881-2288
Toll free 1 855 880-2288


Address 2210 boul. Wilfrid-Hamel, Quebec (Quebec) G1P 2H7 (Corner of Hamel / Robert-Bourassa)
Phone 418-681-4422
Toll free 877-778-3227


Address 1915 ch. de l'Industrie, Beloeil (Quebec) J3G 4S5 (Highway 20, exit 109)
Phone 418-881-2288
Toll free 877-778-3228


Address 395, route 112, Vallee-Jonction (Quebec) G0S 3J0 (Highway 73, exit 81)
Phone 418-253-5166
Toll free 855-880-2288


Address 290 rue Laurier, Saint-Apollinaire (Quebec) G0S 2E0 (Highway 20, exit 291)
Phone 418-881-2288
Toll free 855-880-2288


Address 9275 boul. Bourque, Sherbrooke (Quebec) J1N 3G7 (Highway 10, exit 128)
Phone 819-847-0005
Toll free 855-847-0005


Address 1705 boul. Maloney est, Gatineau (Quebec) J8R 2V3 (Corner of Aeroport bld / Maloney)
Phone 819-643-0606
Toll free 877-778-3226


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