Halston Homes

Halston Homes has been providing, developing and selling mobile homes and modular homes in the BC, Canada for 20 years.


Q What does the "Manufactured Home" from Halston Homes mean?
A A "Manufactured Home" from Halston Homes includes both mobile homes and modular homes.

Q What’s the main difference between a mobile homes and a modular home?
A Modular homes from Halston Homes are transportable residential prefab homes that built to Canadian National Building Code (Canadian Standards Association A-277). Standard home specs include 2 x 6 exterior walls, engineered floor trusses, 8' ceilings and painted and primed drywall. Halston Homes modular homes which have truss floors are usually designed to go on a foundation or basement. Mobile homes from Halston Homes are produced according to Canadian Standards Association Z-240. Mobile homes standard tech specs include 2 x 6 exterior walls, steel frame with 2 x 8 floor joists, gypsum paneling and 7½' ceilings. Steel frame mobile homes are typically installed on a cement pylons (sono tubes) or blocking concrete piers. All mobile homes from Halston Homes can be upgraded to Code A277.

Q Why should I buy a mobile home or a modular home instead of a traditional site-built home?
A Mobile homes and modular homes have 25% – 30% lower price and therefore they are more cost-effective than site-built homes. Halston Homes have no overruns - purchase price is fixed. Modular homes and mobile homes are high quality built in a manufacturing facility, completely finished and after this ready to move on the building site into approximately 8 weeks from order date. Halston Homes have many architectural floor plans clients can choose from, full modular homes warranty and CSA approved modular homes. Most Halston Homes dealers can provide customers with all inclusive packages that help clients with set up of their new mobile home or modular home and financing.

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