Kent Homes

From humble beginnings in 1958, Kent Homes has become the largest prefab and modular home manufacturer and builder in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador. With plants in Debert, Nova Scotia, and Bouctouche, New Brunswick, the company has 210,000 square feet of area dedicated to building high quality homes year-round.

Kent Homes believes in the modular approach to home constructions because it allows 100% quality assurance with a team of well-trained craftspeople working in year-round, safe and comfortable environment. This allows tight control over the timing, costs, quality and materials – which translates into a commitment to customers that Kent Homes honour every time.

Why are there no prices for Kent prefab modular homes?

Prices can vary geographically, depending on where the building site is located. With the amount of exterior and interior options available, Kent prefab homes price lists run into thousands of options. Kent modular homes prices change with the design options homeowner choose. The best way to get an idea on Kent Homes pricing would be to contact one of the Kent Homes builder located not far from the building site.

Why is Kent prefab home better than stick-built one?

The advantages of a prefab or modular home include assembling in a climate controlled environment, specialized factory, using environmentally friendly building products which significantly reduces waste. The building process includes a CSA monitored construction quality controlled building program. A Kent Home modular or prefab home also requires impressively less time to build from start the process on factory to finish on site due to the high efficiencies of Kent Homes building process and technology – with locked in pricing.

Do Kent modular homes include a foundation?

There are Kent Homes intended for a full foundation construction and Kent Homes for an above-ground installation technology. The presence of a staircase on the prefab home plan can typically indicate if in the home model a basement is intended in the construction. Confirm with your Kent Homes builder if a foundation is taken into account and included in your construction quotation and the level of home completion.

How long does it take to build a Kent prefab modular home?

It takes only 14 days to build a modular home in Kent Homes manufacturing facility, however, the construction process from start of design to move in can dependent on a different number of factors. Including: obtaining a building permit in your location, site review process, key product design decisions, and ensuring the preferred design is complete & signed off, these are all important steps in the process.

What size Kent modular homes can be built?

As a custom prefab builder Kent Homes can build any size modular home, but generally the average prefab home size range is between 1000 and 2500 sq feet.

Does Kent Homes build prefab garages?

Garages are built on-site once the home is delivered and installed.

Are the modular homes energy efficient?

Kent Homes’ prefab manufacturing facility assures only the highest building standards in tghe industry are consistently achieved and clearly monitored when it comes to sealing the modular home to improve cooling and heating efficiencies.

Since Kent Homes prefab homes are air tight and energy efficient, how do you get fresh air?

All Kent Homes have HRV heat recovery air exchangers to introduce fresh air, and remove stale air.

Where can you build a prefab/modular home?

You can build a prefab/modular home anywhere you like as long as local jurisdictions and residential building codes are adhered to.

Does Kent Homes finish the basement?

Yes. Kent Homes can customize a home basement to any finishes homeowner desires.

Are Kent Homes built to code?

All prefab/modular homes from Kent Homes are individually and thoroughly designed to meet or even exceed municipal and provincial building codes for client's specific site location.

Does the prefab building process environmentally friendly?

Yes. Waste in the prefab factory is separated and after recycled, reducing the harmful impact on landfills. This process has less disruption in terms of construction noise and building time at job site. Installing and building a modular prefab home also allows building processes use higher energy efficiencies.

Can Kent Homes makes changes or custom prefab/modular home design?

Yes, all homeowners are given preliminary home plans to review through the prefab home buying process. Depending on client's modular home series they can have a number of available design options and possible changes and with Kent Homes custom prefab design product changes/additions are accommodated during the home design phase.

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