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Hart Modular Homes Does Everything to Make Owning and Purchasing a Modular Home Worthwhile and Simple for Customers

Hart Modular Homes is built and based on the foundation of service, service and more service for clients. The company does everything for their clients, from initial prefab design through off-site construction, delivery to site and complete set-up. Hart Modular Homes service doesn’t end once customer's modular home is set-up. Their modular homes are built by SRI Homes and they come with a 10-year warranty. Hart Modular Homes will be there if a client needs them. Customer won’t be forgotten once the modular home sale is complete.

Hart Modular Homes prefab homes are perfect for land developers, commercial business owners and residential homeowners. Hart Modular Homes will find the efficient and affordable solution for a client. It is their primary mission to do everything possible for a customer.

Residential Modular Homeowners In British Columbia

Buying a modular house is one of the biggest decisions of a customer's life. Clients need more than just someone who wants to sell them a modular house. Customer needs someone who wants to be sure he or she feels comfortable and secure in their modular house for years to come. At the company, they want client to ask them questions, because Hart Modular Homes takes the time to properly answer them all. By completely understanding the correct answers to customer's questions, clients will feel fully educated and confident when they purchase their modular home. It is Hart Modular Homes goal to help clients make the right choice.

Hart Modular Homes service to customers extends beyond helping clients order their modular dream home. Hart Modular Homes can help customers with set-up, delivery, foundations, site development and even provide clients with one year of free modular homeowner’s insurance.

Modular Commercial Business Owners

Looking for a modular office or modular commercial space? Hart Modular Homes can help clients with a custom designed modular building or manufactured home.

Modular office buildings are also quality manufactured in a perfectly controlled indoor environment. Therefore, builders don’t lose integrity or time to the outside weather or any other unexpected or uncontrollable elements or situations. By maintaining company's high standards of construction quality control, modular office building will be completed with excellent quality and faster, which saves client's money.

Land Developers

The company works closely with traditional land developers to provide whole design process for modular homes for new land development areas. Prefab modular homes are ideal for this, because prefab modular constructions can be custom designed and after this built at an excellent superior quality to ordinary site-built homes. Modular homes also cost less to quality produce than traditional site-built homes, because prefab production and on-site installation only takes a few weeks instead of a few months. Clients will save even more money if they order multiple prefab units.

How long do modular homes take to build?

Homeowners can move into new modular home in as little as 5 weeks. Custom factory built modular homes can be completed in 1 to 2 months. If homebuyers purchase a home directly from the company sales lot, new modular home can be completed in as little as 1 to 3 weeks.

Hart Modular Homes Gallery

Hart Modular Homes in Prince George, BC

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