Modulex International

Since 1965, Modulex International is a Quebec family business and a Canadian leader in the building of prefabricated wood frame homes. Modulex unrivaled customer service and quality products quickly earned a solid reputation, which extends worldwide. The name Modulex International is a synonymous with energy efficiency, comfort and green building practices.

The company has over 20 thousand completed projects in more than 25 countries, among them there are luxury residences, single family homes, cottages, public and commercial buildings, multifamily dwellings and many others.

Prefabricated wood frame homes

Addresses, phones

Head office, Quebec

Address 2600, Jean-Perrin, local 190, Quebec (Quebec) G2C 2C6
Phone (418) 681-0133


Address 3040, boul. W.-Hamel, Quebec (Quebec) G1P 2J1
Phone (418) 681-0133
Toll free 1 (800) 663-8539


Address 1133, suite 102, boulevard Armand-Frappier, Sainte-Julie (Québec) J3E 0A1
Phone (450) 649-3361
Toll free 1 (888)-488-6638


Address 8, chemin Côte d’Un Mille, Chelsea (Quebec) J9B 1R5
Phone (819) 770-4997

Estrie (Sherbrooke)

Phone (819) 820-8880
Toll free 1 (877) 864-9988

Abitibi-Témiscamingue (Rouyn-Noranda)

Phone (819) 763-6616

Abitibi-Témiscamingue, La Vallée-de-l'Or, Malartic

Phone (819) 757-4771

Saguenay (Chicoutimi)

Phone (418) 557-4900
Toll free 1 (877) 812-6102


Phone (819) 763-6616


Phone (705) 522-9605
Toll free 1 (877) 211-9748

Parry Sound

Phone (705) 746-6800
Toll free 1 (888) 334-8693

What is a prefab home kit?

A kit is the set of all the main materials required for the construction of your house, that is to say the Modulex frame including the components of the walls, divisions, roof trusses, kitchen cabinets and bathroom furniture are pre-machined. Standard or rock wool insulation, interior wall finish and exterior finish. Materials are pre-cut and numbered to facilitate assembly on site. Everything is delivered by trailer truck to your construction address or by container when shipping overseas.

What is not included in a prefab home kit?

To complete your project, all you have to do is provide the subcontractors, that is to say the foundation, electricity, plumbing, plastering, floor coverings and painting. As a general contractor, Modulex montage offers you the possibility of taking charge of all the installations of the kit and the management of subcontractors; depending on the type of acquisition you have chosen.

What are the possible types of acquisition?

There are three. The first possibility is the turnkey project which allows you to entrust your entire construction project to Modulex montage as general contractor; with this type of acquisition, all you have to do is pay for the floor coverings, the foundation and the paint. The second possibility is the shared task project where Modulex montage offers you to share the tasks according to your preferences. Finally, your third possibility is the self-build project where you take charge of the complete management of your project.

What are the delivery times?

The delay therefore varies according to the plan chosen and the modifications you have made to it. Figure all the same between 4 and 6 weeks between the launch in production and the first delivery.

What changes can we make to our plan and kit?

Depending on the type of plan chosen, we can make any modifications. We have a team of qualified architectural designers who bring your house project to life. As for the changes in the materials included in your kit, your housing consultant is able to tell you about the modifications that could modify the costs of your residence.

Are there model prefab homes to visit?

Yes, at the Québec head office, at 3040, boul. Wilfrid-Hamel, 3 model homes can be visited. The Alpin, the Avignon and the Dublin and the Victoria model in Chelsea, at 8 chemin Côte d'Un Mille.

Is it possible to purchase a prefab kit home for abroad?

Yes it's possible! For Europe, we have a head office that oversees all sales offices in the European Community. We also deliver houses in other Canadian provinces, the United States, Switzerland and many other countries.

Is there a kit installation service in the region?

Yes, Modulex montage offers you its general contractor service throughout the region. Demand the service of a master carpenter!

What guarantees are offered?

Your kit is guaranteed for a period of ten (10) years on all defects of the components manufactured at the factory. For our installations and subcontracting, you are covered by La Garantie Abritat de l'APCHQ. When buying your house, your housing consultant will explain all the conditions of sale appearing on our sales contracts.

Should I insure my house during construction?

When your prefab kit is delivered, you own it; you will therefore need to have your home insured by your home insurance company. In addition, your home insurance will also contain coverage for civil liability in the event that someone around you is injured on the construction site. As for our master carpenters and installers as well as our subcontractors, as well as their equipment, Modulex montage has its own insurance policy.

Does Modulex International offer technical support during my build?

We offer very comprehensive technical support. In addition to the expertise of your home consultant, your assembly plan and your project manager before delivery, you will benefit from the assistance of our customer service and quality after-sales service throughout the construction of your home.

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