Frontenac Modular Homes

What does "modular home" mean? Well it means that the components, units or modules of the home are built indoors, designed completely custom, and are delivered in parts to homeowner's land where they are then assembled together. Frontenac Modular Homes believes in partnerships for success. This is why Frontenac Modular Homes has partnered with leading modular builders in the industry, and is here to be homeowner's partner in creating something beautiful to spend life in.

Frontenac Modular Homes has been in building business for 10 years and continues to provide high quality customer service with affordable prices and with a strong attention to every detail.

Frontenac Modular Homes wants you to be happy, and have fun. After all, life is too short to not love the things you are surrounded by.

All of the modular homes that the conpany builds are completely custom. Frontenac Modular Homes works with numerous companies (from factories and builders all the way to custom furniture designers and makers) to make customer's dream home a reality. In Frontenac Modular Homes you won't find a "fast food style" approach to buying experience. The company is willing to work with any budget and designs, and take pride in getting you a quality home that represents your lifestyle. Frontenac Modular Homes maintains an extremely high standard of service and quality, and has own crews to design and execute just about anything possible and imaginable.

Address 1014 Freeman Lane, Godfrey, Ontario, K0h1T0, Canada
Phone 613-374-1014
Toll free 1-888-975-6499