Disher Homes

At Disher Homes Ltd, they believe in treating their clients with professionalism and honesty. As a testimony to Disher Homes quality building service, 95% of their clients are referrals. You can trust them to build your dream prefab modular home.

In 1989 Disher Homes Ltd was established by brothers Raymond and Gerald Disher, and now the company employes 24 persons full-time team. Disher Homes Ltd in 2011 was named Business of the Year (by the St. Stephen Area Chamber of Commerce) and the company received the 2011 Energy Efficiency Champion Award from the Premier’s Awards for Energy Efficiency.

Disher Homes has their own team to deliver and after finish modular prefab homes on lot. In addition to offering prefab modular homes, Disher Homes offers additional services including custom site-built work, excavation, commercial construction and renovations.

What home design styles are available as prefab modular homes?

Modular prefab homes come in a variety of styles and sizes, including – but not restricted to – multi-unit and two-story homes, Cape Cods, bungalows, mini-homes, split-entry homes, cottages and duplexes.

Do modular prefab homes come with a warranty?

Disher Homes has has an exceptional structural seven-year warranty from Maple Leaf Homes and a one-year service warranty. All warranty work is completed by Disher Homes Ltd locally.

How long does it take to build a prefab modular home?

The building time for a modular prefab home can vary from approximately 1.5 to 2 months.

Can clients have a modular prefab home built from their own floor plans?

Yes, it can be possible in many design cases. Disher Homes expert can work with clients to ensure that their floor plan can be applied to modular prefab design.

Can prefab modular homes have custom design to clients wishes?

Yes! A modular prefab home is rarely ordered by a client without undergoing individual customization. Disher Homes team are happy to accommodate any individual or special requests that customers may have.

What is the main difference between a site-built home and a modular prefab home?

A modular prefab home is built in the weather-controlled environment of a plant or building facility and therefore a modular home is not susceptible to any possible weather delays or possible delays in contractor scheduling. A traditional site-built home is completely built on the foundation exactly at the site of new construction.

Is Disher Homes able to look after construction and coordinate and inspect all of new modular home needs, such as well, excavation, foundations and septic hook-ups?

Yes! Disher Homes is a one-stop building shopping center for their clients. Disher Homes makes a new modular home purchase worry- and stress-free. Disher Homes can line up all the needed contractors so clients don't have to.

Address 49 Disher Lane, Dufferin (St. Stephen), New Brunswick, E3L 3H6, Canada
Phone (506) 466-6088
Toll-Free 1 (800) 263-4743