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All Jandel Homes modular homes are precision built inside a climate controlled and state of the art manufacturing facility.

Modular construction technology and methods not only ensure fast and precision production, but Jandel Homes also has dramatically reduced construction time and rigid quality controls. Even better, the speed of prefabricated production enables Jandel Homes to reduce the total project completion duration, which reduces client's  financial risk, professional fees and site management costs. Modular construction technology is a smarter, innovative and modern way to build.

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Environmentally Sound Choice

Prefab efficient and modern building process is a great way to practice responsibility toward the environment. Modular buildings are about 85% complete at delivery, eliminating vehicles coming and going to the job site with deliveries of materials. Modular construction results in a 43% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Manufacturing facilities also keep waste to a minimum by ordering their materials to exact fitment requirements. The waste that is created is about 50-70% less than when a building is constructed onsite and it is readily recycled.


Computer modules and equipment is used in the factory creating efficiencies that are simply not present on a traditional building site. These efficiencies can create substantial savings of time, cost and resources.


Modular building systems are the way to go when you need space and you need it now. Simple buildings can be constructed in as little as 60 to 90 days and the risk of weather delays is minimized.

Cost Certainty

Materials are ordered to exact fitment requirements, eliminating waste. Firm schedules are respected, eliminating cost overruns. Equipment used at the factory assists with easing of labor costs.


The environmental cost of building and then destroying functionally obsolete buildings is enormous. Modular buildings can be built to be easily relocatable, reconfigured and re-purposed.


State of the art manufacturing technologies create a precise build and the certification process requires stringent quality control inspections.


You have the option to custom design your own floor plan or choose from one of our standard plans. D├ęcor, colours and endless options are yours for the choosing.

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