Maisons Bellevue

Maisons Bellevue is one of the leading expert in design and construction of manufactured houses and prefabricated homes. The company offers a diversified choice of prefab house models, dimensions and types: bungalows, cottage, two-storey, singe-wide, multi-family, country or garage. The company has optimised production processes to make it so that prices are reducted at each step of the house manufacturing. The wood comes to factory directly from the sawmills, thus reducting delivery costs, and the indoor manufacturing process protects homes against vandalism and equipment theft. Maisons Bellevue homes are energy efficient and certified Novoclimat, this allows economies of 25% on the energy bill.

Maisons Bellevue designs and manufactures pre-engineered houses according to your needs.

Maisons Bellevue is an expert in the design of pre-fabricated homes and the manufacturing of pre-fabricated homes. Our homes meet the highest quality standards, with 25 years of construction and manufacturing behind us. We stand out thanks to our affordable homes but also and above all thanks to the excellence, strength and performance of our homes. Our respect of deadlines as well as our after-sales service guarantee you peace of mind. We carry out a lot of quality checks to ensure that the homes we design are perfect.

House models

Maisons Bellevue offers a diverse choice of house model, house type and house dimensions. Whether it's single-storey houses, bungalows, cottages, single-module houses, chalets, multi-family houses or garages, we are sure to have the construction you need.

Maisons Bellevue offers you innovative and fast renovation services based on the concept of pre-fabricated

Maisons Bellevue has developed a quick renovation concept adapted to the client's needs. Thanks to our extension of your house in 7 days, your project of enlargement and renovation of your house will not bother you and all the stages, both at the factory and at your home, will be carried out with your comfort as a priority.

Maisons Bellevue offers a turnkey service

If your desire is to buy a house without worrying about all the intermediate steps, we will take care of all the stages of the construction and installation of the house. We can also take care of the landscaping.

Prefabricated houses: advantages not to be underestimated


Without having to worry about the weather, our workers can quickly build your house in the factory while others prepare the ground to install the house after the construction of this one. These parallel steps save time without compromising the final quality of the building.

Energy efficiency

Maisons Bellevue uses energy efficient windows. Maisons Bellevue prefab homes are Novoclimat certified, which saves 25% (twenty-five percent) on the energy bill.

Design and aesthetics

The design of Maisons Bellevue modular prefab homes is at the cutting edge of the industry. Maisons Bellevue modular homes have been optimized for functionality, performance, style and elegance. From your plans, Maisons Bellevue can also build a prefab house in the image of your choice.


We have optimized our production process to ensure that costs are reduced at all stages of the project. Our lumber comes directly from sawmills, reducing transportation costs, and the factory manufacturing of our units helps prevent equipment theft and vandalism.

What is a prefabricated house?

A prefabricated house is a house built in an air-conditioned environment, sheltered from the harmful effects of nature. State-of-the-art engineering, the use of assembly line techniques, the constant employment of skilled workers and independent inspections at every stage guarantee a superior quality of construction.

What are the advantages of prefabricated houses?

There are so many ! Here are a few :

  • They are built with a stronger frame and more fastening material to withstand transportation, making them the strongest of the frame prefab houses.
  • They are manufactured more quickly than houses built on site, while meeting or exceeding the same quality standards.
  • There is no loss of time because of the climate.
  • They are made of kiln-dried lumber, the same code as traditional construction, which virtually eliminates the problem of shrinkage.

To protect your home while moving, Maisons Bellevue professionally shrink wraps each unit top to bottom before it leaves the factory. The units, transported by special trucks, are placed on their foundations by means of a crane by our team of conscientious professionals. In general, it does not take more than a day to install the modular house before moving on to the finishing. Maisons Bellevue manufactures superior quality, value-added homes that fully satisfy the tastes and needs of our customers. Maisons Bellevue simplifies the experience for their customers by demonstrating clarity and integrity, listening to their needs and providing good advice. Maisons Bellevue builds your dream prefab modular home and deliver on Maisons Bellevue commitments - and at competitive prices.

Manufactured houses and prefabricated homes

Addresses, phones

Rigaud, Quebec

Address 19 rue de la Coopérative, Rigaud, Quebec, Canada J0P 1P0
Phone 450.451.0999


Benefit from the best construction techniques and the advantages of factory manufacturing.

Maisons Bellevue designs and manufactures homes according to client specifications.

  • Single family home from 800 to 5000 sq.ft. that. according to our plans or made to measure
  • Multi-family dwellings
  • Kit for self-builders or for export
  • Extension of an existing house
  • Garages
  • Turnkey construction
  • Housing development-concept

Our houses are:

  • Affordable and high quality;
  • High performance insulated;
  • Delivered on the scheduled date;
  • Backed by our excellent after-sales service;
  • Structured beyond standards.

"Imagine... The interior walls are plastered at the factory and when our houses are delivered to the site, our walls have practically no cracks. Our homes are built to withstand!"

"We apply our twenty-five years of construction experience to the manufacture of each of our homes."

Sam Falci, President

The Bellevue House difference

Maisons Bellevue stands out from the competition by its ability to deliver a house with some rooms ready to paint. That is to say that we can pull the joints of the walls in the factory as well as lay the ceramic floors. Doing so will make it easier and safer to install cabinets, counters, sinks, sinks and faucets. This will prevent damage to your furniture and accessories caused by plastering and finishing work.

Our customers appreciate our attention to detail. We treat your home as if it were our own. Your satisfaction is important to us!

We have been in the construction industry for over 25 years. Originally, we built houses using the traditional method. Everything was done on site with the disadvantages that this entailed. Factory building has become a means of offering a better quality product at a better price.

Factory manufacturing offers many benefits to consumers. We assemble the structures in an air-conditioned environment protected from humidity, mold, rain, snow and any other climatic condition that could damage them, as well as vandalism. The control of our environment ensures you a perfect seal and increased solidity. The ability to purchase large quantities of materials, the reduction of waste and our production method allow us to reduce our manufacturing costs in order to offer you a very competitive price. Our competent and dedicated work team is committed to delivering a house to you on the scheduled date.

Recently, Maisons Bellevue launched a new concept of home extension in 7 days. We prepare the various necessary modules in the factory. Then, we transport them and install them on the existing house. In a few days everything is over.