Built Prefab

Built Prefab has a headquarter in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, and is poised to change the way their clients buy and build new prefab modular homes. Built Prefab is completely devoted to building new modern healthy modular prefab homes utilizing the most exciting and effective building science available on the planet including 3D design and modern modular production technology to deliver exceptional high value to all home buyers across Oregon, British Columbia, Washington and Alberta.

Built Prefab is formed by a team of experienced entrepreneurs in the modular prefab industry. A shining and bright example is Built Prefab’s excusive proprietary software including Build and Price tool which clients can find at The Build and Price online tool is a completely automated platform which is intended to design and price a client’s new modular prefab home.

“Our online Build and Price platform is our unique method of selling homes. It’s a place where customers can choose a model, select options and price their own home without ever needing to talk to a salesperson. It’s a complete 180 from the massively hands-on traditional approach of designing and building new homes” says Ian Garrity, President.

Since company's inception, they have introduced to homebuyers 11 modern modular prefab home models. New prefab modular homes range from 768 square feet to 3,280 square feet.

The company offers a variety of contemporary, high quality finishes. There are also superior building performance options available. Built Prefab building options include the ability to design and build prefab units to both net zero energy and passive energy level, depending on client's conditions, project requirements and design parameters. Additionally, the company has developed a modern standardized modular design system that includes a wide range of beautiful contemporary finishes, kitchens, baths and other interior options.

“Starting from day one we are a legitimate tech company, that just happens to be in the business of building awesome homes. Our goal is to create a new version of the custom homebuying experience where designing and buying a home becomes more like designing and buying a new car. Picture, fully automated online sales combined with factory production” says James Rosowsky CEO.

Address 251 Lawrence Ave #203, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6L2, Canada
Phone +1 855-383-2467