Modular Prefab Homes by Quality Homes, Ontario



When it comes to beautiful architecture and interior design, the talented designers at Quality Homes are the best masters at translating your own vision into a modular prefab home that works perfectly and beautifully for you and your family.

Select from one of Quality Homes existing modular prefab designs, modify it to your own needs, or work with Quality Homes to create a custom modular prefab home design that is certain to be your perfect modular prefab home.


Through Quality Homes precision designed proprietary prefab processes and team of skilled and experienced specialists, Quality Homes has, over the past 30 years, perfected a high tech prefab method of modular construction that has revolutionized the prefab industry. Your modular prefab home will be built in Quality Homes indoor facility completely protected from the ravages of weather.

Every stage of the prefab building process is precise and clean. Quality Homes production facility is equipped with modern state-of-the-art automated custom cutting and custom framing equipment. Every fastener is arrow straight. Cuts are perfect and alignment is exact.

Advantages of prefab building indoors
  • No swelling, splitting or warping of lumber. Materials stay true and straight.
  • Reduced construction time for prefab elements due to consistent availability of craftspeople, materials and tools.
  • No danger of mould in traditional building processes developing on the construction materials.
  • No construction delays in prefab manufacturing due to inclement or unstable weather conditions, unreliable sub trades or back ordered construction materials.
  • No waste or theft of building materials that often occurs when traditionally constructing homes outdoors.

Each Quality Home is constructed using methodologies and building materials that result in a more precise, straighter and stronger structure than a traditional house built outdoors on-site.

All of Quality Homes' craftspeople are trained in the most advanced modular prefab building methods. Their training and careful attention to detail results in a precision built modular prefab home that you will be proud of for years to come.


Quality Homes constantly strives to innovate. Whether it be their processes or the way Quality Homes services their clients, innovation is always top-of mind. They accept and embrace change all in an effort to build better modular prefab homes and better serve their customers.


Quality Homes stands by their customers and supports their professional team members every step of the construction way. Everything they do is integrity-driven, from every phone call to handing Quality Homes customer the keys to their new home. Quality Homes guarantee their promises and tell it like it is.


Quality Homes are passionate about building the best modular prefab homes on the market and they have surrounded ourselves with like-minded individuals who are just as passionate about building modular prefab homes that epitomize their customers’ dreams.


Quality Homes are masters at what they do and they have the most highly skilled and trained staff to ensure that every stage of modular prefab construction and assembly exceeds all expectations.

A modular or prefab home is a factory built home. It is manufactured and constructed off-site in Quality Homes state-of-the-art facility and then transported and assembled on-site on your lot.

Utilizing specialized equipment, your modular prefab home is carefully loaded onto an air-ride speciality trailers and transported to your lot. Quality Homes highly skilled delivery team cranes it onto your foundation and installs it in a single day.

There are many advantages of modular construction versus traditional construction. Modular homes offer you a hassle-free experience due to Quality Homes ability to control materials, labour, superior workmanship, cost and timing within Quality Homes indoor facility. Things you just don’t get from traditional construction!

Too many amazing features to mention! But in a nutshell, a move-in ready home including foundation. Add your furniture and appliances and you’re ready to enjoy your new home.

Established in 1987, Quality Homes has been in business for over 30 years. Quality Homes has built over 4000 custom modular prefab homes and modular prefab cottages across Ontario.

Quality Homes builds all across Ontario. Every modular prefab home is built inside their production facility in Kenilworth, Ontario and then transported directly to your lot.

Quality Homes has launched new communities in select cities and towns across Ontario. An offering that includes lots and move-in ready modular prefab homes. This is in addition to building custom modular prefab homes on your land, your way.

While Quality Homes has a huge selection of designs in their own collection to choose from, you can modify a plan or work with Quality Homes to design a completely custom modular prefab home just for you. Or bring them a design and Quality Homes will assess building it for you!

Quality Homes modular prefab homes are not sold off the shelf as kits. Quality Homes provides a complete modular prefab home, which includes a foundation. Quality Homes offers turnkey services under one roof in-house so you only have to deal with one reliable company for the construction of your entire custom modular prefab home.

The time from start to finish depends on the size and finishing of your modular prefab home. On average it takes 12 to 16 weeks to build your modular prefab home – from the day you receive your building permit to the day your home is complete. But, most importantly, Quality Homes Homeowner’s Ultimate Guarantee (HUG) program guarantees the initially agreed upon completion date. Should Quality Homes not complete your modular prefab home on time, Quality Homes will pay you $250 per day for each day we are late.

Quality Homes builds modular prefab additions on a selective basis. Quality Homes needs to be sure that they have good access to the building site, and that the existing structure is conducive to receiving a modular prefab addition. Quality Homes does not do second storey or upper floor additions.

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