Karoleena Homes

Since 2005, Karoleena has been designing, assembling and constructing modular homes, systems-built homes and cabins of the highest quality. The company employs an extensive team of high qualified individuals, from a skilled in-house design and architecture team to a carefully honed engineers crew, estimators, construction supervisors and project managers, as well as an army of sales professionals across North America.

Whether constructing single-family prefab buildings to a LEED Platinum standard or multi-family large-scale housing projects of refreshing affordability, and whether undertaking a design from start to finish in the manufacturing in-house climate-controlled factory or collaborating with independent award-winning designers and architects from around the globe, the Karoleena modular homes, prefab cabins and offices exceed as many standards and building codes as they do customer expectations.

Modular homes, prefab cabins and offices

Addresses, phones


Address 7261 110 Ave. S.E., Calgary, AB T2C 3B8
Phone 1 (877) 336-8580
Website http://karoleena.com


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